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Welcome to the home of  The Devon School Of Hypnotherapy.

Do you want a new career in 2018?

Flexible working hours? Perhaps working from home?

The potential to earn £50-£150 per HOUR!


My new Hypnotherapy Training Programme is the way to start your new career

Just imagine a new career, with flexible hours and paying you over £50 per hour.

Even the convenience of working from home.


My name is Chris Fleet and I am an Accredited Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Trainer.

I have a very successful full-time hypnotherapy practice situated on the beautiful South Devon coast.   With a 15-year history of excellence with a national and international client base.  I can teach you to have the same


Over the years I have worked with all types of clients including Olympic athletes, international sports organisations as well as individuals.   Hypnotherapy helps people suffering from fears and phobias and I have developed a very successful weight-loss Hypnotherapy clinic.


I will teach you the art and science of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy!!

Hypnosis is essential for successful Hypnotherapy.

I teach my Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy skills and techniques to those wishing to start a new career as a hypnotherapist. If you want to know more then read some of the testimonials written about our hypnotherapy training.
The Devon School of Hypnotherapy provides a special Hypnotherapy training.  We keep it simple using plain, matter of fact English.  We use a minimum of jargon,


A key motto of mine is KEEP IT SIMPLE………


I provide you with the perfect environment in which to study, learn, gain experience and become a hypnotherapist. I have a spacious group training room as well as designated individual training rooms.


Practice evenings are held regularly for you to fine-tune the skills you have learned, These can be videoed if required.  Then, together, we can work through any areas that may need improvement.


Improve your success rate.

It is a sad fact that nationally only 20% of qualified hypnotherapists actually work full time.   I believe this is mainly due to their training and the lack of after-care and support. With more and more people learning this fascinating and life-changing skill, it is vital for people to learn the art and science of Hypnotherapy.  Learn it well and most importantly, for the right reasons.

I treat all students as individuals.  Throughout your training will we work together to improve your weaknesses, maximise your strengths and develop your special niche.  When you train with me, will you receive a diploma in Hypnotherapy and, more importantly, you will know how to promote and market yourself. You will know how to attract clients.  You will have the ability to start a successful full-time career.

I believe that I offer you the benefits listed below which you may struggle to find elsewhere.

Traditionally only 20% of those who qualify as therapists go on to practice whilst 80% do not.
My goal is to reverse this trend.

Not only will you enjoy a new career but also we will work hard at making that career a success for you.

My comprehensive training will allow you to set up in practice straight away.

⦁ Work ethically, helping others whilst earning money at the same time.Why Hypnotherapy training

⦁ Your training is fully accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC).

⦁ You will be eligible to become a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and the Government backed Complimentary National Healthcare Council (CNHC).

⦁ Training will be very heavily biased towards the practical side of things.

⦁ Become eligible for full insurance as a qualified therapist.

⦁ Training will be led by a highly qualified leading professional hypnotherapist.

⦁ Benefit from my 15 years of international experience.


Our objective at The Devon School of Hypnotherapy is simple-
To train future hypnotherapists to be successful – Could this be you? 

I only train a select handful of people each year. Experience over the last 5 years of training demonstrates that trainees learn better in smaller groups.

Previous students have commented that training in small groups helps them grow in self-confidence. I want people to be successful.  As it is my name on the bottom of the Diploma certificate, there is a final exam because I want to make sure you are fit and able to set up in practice ethically.   In addition, a practical exam taken with members of the public. Although not everyone has passed, everyone has been given individual help if they needed it.

Courses involve a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 12 students. The Devon School of Hypnotherapy provides a quality training course, which enables you to grow in confidence.

Perhaps you should speak to me to find out more – 0800 500300.

Contact me. There are no strings attached.

Spaces are limited.  Ensure you receive my full attention and give me a call. Your new successful Hypnotherapy career starts with the phone call…. 01803 500300.

See, hear and learn more about the opportunity here with a click


The modest fees you will pay are an investment providing a future income

Hypnotherapy training provides a thrilling, successful new career.

The time is right.  Get started on your dreams and goals and you can start earning whilst helping others.


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Name: One Day self hypnosis class
Date and Time: 2016-10-23
Location: Devon Clinic CIC
Street: 30a Hyde Road
Region: Devon

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Name: Chris Fleet
Location: Paignton
Region: DEVON