Self-Hypnosis Course | self hypnosis

Why learn self-hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis can be used for a wide variety of purposes such as:


  • weight loss
  • smoking cessation
  • public speaking
  • relationship problems
  • self-confidence
  • motivation
  • defeating negative self-talk
  • stress management
  • dealing with anxiety


These low-cost courses are run on a regular basis, usually on a Saturday or Sunday and run from 10:00 am through to 4:00 pm.
Chris has been running this highly popular one-day course since 2007 and has trained hundreds of people in the art of self-hypnosis.

Above all, you will learn more about how your mind works, why we behave in certain ways and above all how we talk to ourselves and how to recognise and change that self-talk if we need to.

Fill out the form below to get your free self-hypnosis manual

Please fill out the form below for more information and to download your free self-hypnosis manual

The manual will describe not only the art and science of hypnosis but also many other relevant bits of information such as:

  • A brief history of hypnosis,
  • How to write scripts,
  • How to test for suggestibility,
  • A list of common thinking errors
  • How to recognise our own personal representative system,
  • A series of scripts ready to use.

Control your thoughts

hypnotherapy trainingAll too often we allow our thoughts to control us when in reality we can control our thoughts.  After all, these thoughts are ours, nobody else’s!
The way we talk to ourselves dictates the way we think about ourselves. The way we think about ourselves dictates the way we behave. In turn, the way we behave dictates the way we talk to ourselves. And so it goes on, the spiral either becoming more and more negative OR more and more positive.

I can help that spiral become more positive, quickly, easily and effectively.

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