Why Train With Us

Why you should train with Chris Fleet?


Just imagine …a new career which is fun, rewarding and helps others.  Moreover, you choose when you want to work.


  • Chris Fleet is the south-west leading hypnotherapist, with a successful local, regional, national and international practice.
  • The Devon School of Hypnotherapy, founded by Chris takes advantage of his 15 years hypnotherapy experience and skill.
  • The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (UK) rigorously assessed the school, the course and Chris Fleet hypnotherapy training, and fully approved it.

Plus…you receive the Diploma in Hypnotherapy Practice at practioner level. (DHP)

Chris Fleet hypnotherapy trainingChris Fleet is an international hypnotherapist with an enviable reputation working with

  • individuals,
  • corporations
  • international sports people including Olympians.

The Devon School of Hypnotherapy provides a special hypnotherapy-training environment in which to study, learn, experience and become a professional hypnotherapist.  The school has designated break out rooms and regular practice evenings.


Briefly, SIX advantages of using Chris Fleet hypnotherapy training at the Devon School of Hypnotherapy

  1. This course provides longer hours training …in fact over 40% more time
  2. Chris’s course teaches you hypnosis and hypnotherapy.
  3. You learn how to be successful using Chris’s proven methods
  4. You learn to how to set up a profitable successful practice
  5. Chris will support you after the training               
  6. You are guaranteed a nationally recognised qualification on successful completion               

Throughout your hypnotherapy and hypnosis training, assessments and checks are continuous.  Graduates also qualify for professional registration at FULL PRACTITIONER STATUS.

Longer hours training and smaller groups

The course consists of 450 hours learning and a minimum of 170 hours in-house training. Chris Fleet hypnotherapy is arguably the most comprehensive Hypnotherapy training course.  Chris only trains a select handful of people each year.  Over the past 5 years, Trainees say they learn better in smaller groups.  Previous students have also commented that being in a small group has increased their self-confidence.  This is why course numbers are between 6 -12 trainees.  Start dates are arranged to suit the group.


Chris also runs courses throughout the UK.  Perhaps there is a course closer to your home.  Speak to him about becoming a trainee.


Learn and earn

Make it easier for yourself and pay the modest fees monthly.  The fees become an investment for future income. Of course, there is a financial benefit in paying the full fee at the start.  It’s up to you to decide which method suits you.

After a short period, you will have the opportunity to start earning.
Remember, a Hypnotherapist can earn between £50 – £100 each hour.

Your next important action is to speak to Chris.  01803-500300. Then you are in the line up for the next course.
As you can imagine high quality training means limited places.
There are no strings attached in talking to Chris.



Perhaps you should  speak to him today contact ….without any commitment or pressure.