What is Parts Therapy?

Inner Conflict Resolution How often have you been thinking to yourself – a part of me really wants to go out and yet a part of me would rather stay in by the fire? Sometimes if we decide to stay in we’re then left wondering what it would be like if we had gone out. […]

A few words from a previous student

One of this year’s students was quite sensibly, making enquiries about which course to take. And let’s face it there’s quite a few out there! She asked me if I could put her in touch with any old students. We have a private facebook group for Diploma students, past and present. Students use it to catch […]

Request more information

Thanks for your interest! Sign below for more information If you would like us to give you a call back to discuss the upcoming course, please fill out the details below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Email Address First Name Last Name Phone Number Sign Up By submitting this form, […]

Win a place on our next one day course

Thanks for signing up! WIN your place: 1 day intensive self-hypnotherapy course! The 1 day intensive course will teach you to hypnotise yourself, friends and family. How would it feel to be able to use self-hypnotherapy as a tool to help you deal with anxiety, quitting smoking, losing weight and more? Purposely limited to just […]

The Oak Tree – a hypnotherapy script for self belief

A hypnotherapy script This hypnotherapy script is one that was inspired by taking a picture of my daughter standing beneath this beautiful oak tree. There’s a beautiful great oak tree at the bottom of our field, it’s trunk is about five or six feet in diameter. There are various methods of gauging the age of a […]

Do you practice negative self hypnosis?

Do you talk to yourself constructively or do you perform negative self hypnosis with out knowing it? We all talk to ourselves all the time, usually silently, sometimes out loud but rarely do we not have something going on in our heads. If we accept the suggestions we give ourselves then that’s a form of self […]

Feedback from our latest self hypnosis workshop

Sunday 1st March saw our latest self hypnosis workshop. At the end of every self-hypnosis course we asked for feedback on the four categories below ranging from 5 out of 5 being very satisfied and 1 out of 5 being very unsatisfied last time out we scored the following: Presentation of workshop:         […]

How (not) to hypnotise a child…..

Many people ask how to hypnotise a child. Below is a story about how not to hypnotise a child. There are many ways to hypnotise people, some people like to use progressive inductions, some (like myself) prefer  rapid inductions and some prefer snap inductions. Yesterday evening I heard a parent using covert hypnosis on their […]

Things money can’t buy

Job satisfaction is such a major component in becoming a hypnotherapist. I got a phone call from the parents of a young chap who had a quite traumatic incident one day and was trapped in a train carriage for a period of time. Since then he struggled to  go anywhere where there were doors that closed […]

More people decide to learn hypnotherapy

Eight people decided to take the first steps to learn hypnotherapy and are now hypnotherapists in the making left the Devon School of Hypnotherapy last weekend after successfully completing the Certificate in Hypnosis. Trainer, Chris Fleet, gave a massive congratulations to everyone who attended, Said one of the students “The course was both informative and enlightening and […]